Heirloom Perennials
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We grow quality daylilies, daffodils, and iris in Mathews County, Virginia for retail and wholesale customers.  We tend our plants by hand and dig to order.  Please contact us for current pricing and availability. 

Daylilies (bare root, year-round)
  • Stella d'Oro:  Stella is a compact, clumping repeat blooming daylily with a vibrant yellow flower.  They sometimes bloom from May through November.
  • Orange:  Hemerocallis fulva is often called "ditch lily" for its ditch bank affinity.  Hardy and vigorous in Virginia, it yields edible brilliant orange blooms on tall stems in early summer.  Ours are a heritage variety from homesteads dating to the 1800's. 
Daffodils (bare root, spring only)
  • Traditional Yellow:  Some call it King Alfred, a generic name for yellow daffodils.  We offer an older variety of medium height that blooms early-mid spring.
  • Twin Sisters: Multiple white fragrant flowers with dark green foliage.  One of the very last daffodils to bloom each spring.
  • Area 51:  We think it's Van Sion, a variety that dates to the 1600's, or a cross.  Some say butter and eggs.  Unique, alien-looking (thus the name) yellow-green flower with many interesting variations.  Blooms early-mid spring; prolific multiplier. 
Iris (bare root, year-round)
  • Lavender, Peach/Rose, Tangerine Orange, Pale Yellow, Medium Yellow, and Violet.  Colors to complement any setting.  The pale yellow often repeat blooms in Mathews.  Violet is usually the first to bloom.  Lavender is Siberian.

We are only able to ship to Virginia addresses.  Shipping is by quote.  All orders are FOB Mathews, Virginia with payment by cash, check, or credit card.  Let us know how we may we assist you.

Heirloom Perennials

Mathews, VA 23109

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